About Us

Suzhou Nimitz Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd has been established in 2013 and based in Suzhou city. Suzhou Nimitz mainly specializing in thin film deposition system and deposition materials. The company mainly sales the below products #-Thin film deposition system: magnetron sputtering, Roll to Roll sputtering system, E-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, ion beam sputtering system, PECVD etc; Deposition materials : sputtering target, evaporation materials, high purity materiasls etc; Except sales products, we also provide coating process consulting service and provide thin film deposition system & vacuum pumps maintenance service. Our company products are widely used in Semiconductor、Optical、Solar、 LCD、 Touch panel、LED、OLED、R&D etc.

Suzhou Nimitz is cooperation with well-know Europe and America companies. Together with these companies provide the highest level of products and service to customer in China vacuum market.

Our professional service team, excellent service technology, efficient service process, can provides customers with convenient、comprehensive、reliable vacuum solutions.

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