Colt48 磁控溅射镀膜机


Small Batch Fast Cycle Sputter Deposition立式快速磁控溅射设备

MVS Plascoat™ is significantly thinner and performs three times better in corrosion testing than our competitors.


Mustang’s Plascoat ™ is an HMDSO mid frequency plasma cured monomer top coat.

野马 Plascoat ™ 技术是采用中频等离子离化HMDSO(六甲基二硅氧烷)制备的单体顶层

Electrode design minimizes arcing and simplifies maintenance 


Highly uniform coatings on complex three dimension and high aspect ratio substrates. 


Used to protect the PVD layer from UV, moisture, and oxidation. 

用于保护PVD 层隔离UV,水气和防止氧化

MVS’s reflector coatings exceeds all forward lighting specifications.


MVS Standard Reflective Coating Processes  野马标准反射涂层工艺

88 – 91% - Standard Al reflector with Plascoat™ protective coating    

88 – 91%标准的铝反射镜包含Plascoat™ 保护涂层

Colt 4828 SystemTypical Configuration for Lighting  车灯镀膜典型配置:

Dual door – Stainless Steel Vertical chamber with viewport and single planetary turn table in each door.  


(2) Mustang Vacuum High Power Planar Magnetron Cathodes ,up to 90kw DC power per cathode

2 野马专利的磁控溅射阴极,每一个阴极最高90KW

Oerlikon SV630 mechanical pump & Oerlikon WH4400 blower

莱宝SV630 机械泵和WH4400 罗茨泵组

Varian 20inch high vacuum diffusion pump with cryocoil Polycold cryogenic cooler for water vapor pumping 

瓦里安20英寸扩撒泵 + Polycold水汽捕集泵

One 10K Medium Frequency 40 KHz Power Supply and one load matching network with two 1” glow bars 

110KW 的中频电源和匹配的2个直径1英寸的电极棒

Standard Automotive Reflector Cycle 


3.5 – 5 Minutes substrate dependent


Optimized Coating Area


1,219mm x 711mm 直径

Single or multiple planetary tooling configurations单轴或多轴工件架配置

MVS High Power Cathode 野马高功率溅射阴极


1,371mm x 152mm target  靶材尺寸

Typically 2 cathodes 典型的2个溅射阴极

Upgrade to 4 cathodes 可升级为4个溅射阴极

Mid Frequency AC Top Coat

中频交流Top Coat

Cryogenic water pumping


Automation Options Available



System Dimensions



Width   3.71 meters (12’ 2”)

Depth   5.18 meters (17’)

Height 2.79 meters (9’ 2”)